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4582 Lamp

Iron Cabin Lamp with night light, Ht: 28.5



2394 Lamp

lamp, Iron Bears Roasting Marshmallows (night light flicker bulb included), Ht: 28.5"



4584 Lamp

Tree Trunk with Root Pot, Ht: 27"



7026 lamp

lamp, Spiced Bronze Finish, Ht: 34"



3669 Lamp

Bead Board pot with Bear cubs in Canoe Scene, Ht: 30"



3668 Lamp

lamp, Iron Feather Tree, Burnt Sienna Finish, Ht: 33.5"



2396 Lamp

lamp, Iron Moose in Hammock, Ht: 28.5"



1713 Lamp

Lamp, Square Pot with Bear Scene in a Distressed Black Finish, Ht: 30"



3202 Lamp

Bear in Stump Lamp, Kodiak w/Honey Accent Finish, Ht: 26"



4585 Lamp

lamp, Tree Trunk w/Root Pot in Rust Finish, Ht: 27"



4586 Lamp

lamp, Tree Trunk with root Pot in a Rust Finish, Ht: 27"



4589 Lamp

Stick Table Lamp with wooden base, Ht: 31"



4590 Lamp

Iron Stack w/Braided Wire Floor Lamp, Ht: 64"



4592 Lamp

Iron S-leg Bear Floor Lamp, Ht: 61"



4591 Lamp

Iron S-leg Bear Table Lamp, Ht: 28.5"