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Accent Chairs


4347 Recliner

Chaise Rocker Recliner, 39"W x 41"D x 43"H, features extra padded chaise seating, plush radius arm styling, and soft and durable polyeurathane fabric with extra breathability for added comfort. Available in 3 colors: Steel 1227-28, Coffeebean 1240-09, Silt/Slate 1227-49 (shown in picture).



1608 Recliner

Chaise Swivel Glider Recliner, 40"W x 43"D x 42"H, features extra deep and padded comfort seating, classic luggage stitching, and heavy weight micro-denier fabric. Available in 3 colors: Stone 1982-36, Java 1215-09, Saddle 2352-44 (shown in picture).



5060 Recliner

"Wall hugger" Recliner, 38"W x 36"D x 42"H, has decorative traditional styling, triple pub back comfort, double needle treatment, and a durable, luxurious bonded leather construction. Available in 1 color: Espresso 1214-09



3910 chair

Accent Chair in Bradley Sierra Fabric Design 38"W x 35"D x 34"H



4346 Recliner

Recliner, 40"W x 43"D x 42"H, is a deluxe "lay flat" recliner with premium "sueded" bonded leather touch, brass nailhead treatment, and pub back styling. Available in 3 colors: Sable 1227-09 (shown in picture), Thicket 1227-29, or Chestnut 1227-39



3764 chair

Accent Chair in Peters Cabin Fabric Design 38"W x 35"D x 34"H