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Beautiful Aspen Furniture!  Just imagine the possibilities of transforming your home, lodge, restaurant or resort into a rustic oasis with our extensive line of rustic products made from aspen wood and log. We understand far beyond anything an artisan can create lies the craft of bringing out the hidden beauty of nature’s creations. Above all else, we hope our efforts will inspire you to realize your rustic aspirations of creating that genuine indoor mountain experience.



4375 Dining Table

Aspen wood 60" Dining Table in wild panel and natural log, 42"W x 60"L x 30"H



3749 Dining Table

Aspen wood 72" Dining Table in natural panel & natural log, 42"W x 72"L, 30"H



4376 Dining Table

Aspen wood 84" Dining Table in natural panel & natural log, 42"W x 84"L x 30"H



4377 Dining Table

Aspen wood 96" Dining Table in natural log, 42"W x 96"L x 30"H